Cagiva Navigator 1000

It was a difficult decition, my Africa Twin was sold and has to be replaced. So what to buy?? The Varadero is ugly and too heavy, the GS1150 is not my style, and not powerfull enough, the Tiger made in Uk, (I was working for 4 years with a British product...) the Quota from Guzzi, I don't even wanna think about it...........

Finally I bought the new Navigator because the engine is from Suzuki and supposed to be realible. The bike has only 241kg including gas, oil and cooling water




I removed the BMW-like mudgard and made a new fender


Renthal makes the handlebar !!!

The carrier  was usless, I replaced it with a aluminium plate which also contains the controll unit for the battery. This one will be covert by the top case plate.



The first service was comming up and my mechanics spoke about tuning, K&N an other exhaust system and so one...
I desited to go for the K&N aircleaner modification because it's cheap and gives more twin sound. An other phenomenon
is the increase of power and torque....

The upper lines shows the powerline after modifications.